A poem about Jewish dating

This poem harks back to a time before dating algorithms and user attribute matching, to an era when romance was left to pure chance.  I remember the world of the Jewish singles event painfully well. 

The Jewish Singles Do

He said hi 
She said hello

He said some grape juice?
         There’s red or white
She said no thank you
He said do you know Simon Levy?
She said just to say hello to
He said me too
         So did you go to the Young Friendship do
         at the Spiro?
She said the tomato tasting?
He said yes
She said no
He said it was so so
         Simon Levy was there
She said oh
He said Michelle Cantor was there too
         I took her on a blind date once
She said so?
He said not great
         She brought her mate.
         Anyway what do you do?
She said I specialise in 16th century art at Sotheby’s.
He said I’m in computers.
         So is Simon Levy
She said really
He said I like art
         You know the ones of the dripping clocks?
She said yes
He said maybe we could discuss them over dinner?
She said maybe
He said my name is Jeremy
She said I know
He said oh?
She said we met a year ago
         I was the mate on that date
         Don’t you remember?
He said uh oh
         Anyway what’s your number?
She said I’ve no phone
He said well
         What the hell
         Let’s elope
She said nope.