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The kind of thing they’ve been saying over the years…

Hi Adam, Just heard your Royal Wedding Vows poem on BBC World Service. EXCELLENT!! Where can I find the transcript please?


Hi, love your poems but I tend to be doing something else when they air and missed half of your Libya poem on the BBC today (13 Mar), when/ will it post to your website or could you send a text?

Rod N (New York)

I heard your poem about secretary of state this am at 4 on BBC. Where can I find it? I want to read to my husband.

Katherine P (Lexington, Kentucky)

Listened to your poem re miners on BBC world service and now want to read it over and over.

Pat R (Montserrat, West indies)

Thanks Adam….love the poems, genius (Yom Kippur is great)

James H (London)

After getting a bit hot under the collar about the pope’s visit, your poem is a tonic.

Vickie W (South Africa)

I loved the ‘Latin’ Pope poem in every way and I thought the photo of him with the words overlaid really added to it.

Matt T (London)

Very good. I might even acquire your tome.

Dan L (London)

Just thought I’d let you know that I passed your pope poem to my mum, who loved it, she then passed it on to her sister (whose Latin is top notch) who was blown away by the poem.

Jo C (London)

I enjoyed your dog Latin poem so much on the BBC World Service.
You have a lovely, light refreshing attitude to poetry, at the same time you are a craftsman.

Edward B, retd prof of poetry (Australia)

The Genesis poems are great, been reading them and really enjoying them.

Geraldine D (UK)

Hi Adam,

I know I’m rather behind the times but I’ve only just heard of you and your brilliant poetry – forgive me! Since hearing your poem about the Pope (in Latin) on the BBC World Service, I’ve read as many poems as can find on the Internet and thoroughly enjoy them.

Sally D (Malta)

Today on the BBC world service I heard one of your poems called The Pope. It was very funny. Could you possibly upload it? Live Long & Prosper !!


I really enjoyed this poem in “Latin” about the Pope and the Roman catholic church.


Dear Adam,

Many good things said about your poems last night. Thank you very much for coming along and doing it

Neville H (UK)


Congratulations on your very entertaining presentation. We were very pleased to have purchased your book – which we read aloud several times during our journey back to London. We really appreciated your deep and subtle sense of fun and verse.

Jonathan C (UK)

I live in Canada…..and I am a songwriter and stuff….I like your poetry…

Natalie P

Hi, first let me say I am a big fan. You’re one of the first poets whose poems I’ve actually enjoyed reading and which is no small feat. Anyway I am currently in 8th grade and our english teacher assigned us a project where we have to research our chosen poet and write ten poems mimicking our poet’s style…

Mariah O (US)

Recently I was searching the libraries and internet for Jewish poetry journals, periodicals or magazines, and came upon your name and poetry (which I enjoyed greatly).

Leonard A (US)

I want to say how much I admire your work. It is so refreshing that a poet can explore the depth of life while still dipping his pen in piss and vinegar. Bravissimo! Your religious poems are my absolute favourites. My gran was Jewish and she would have loved them too.

Alexandra B (Canada)

Thank you. I was so happy to discover your web site.

Rebecca M (University of California)

Just a note to say I enjoyed your poems – thank you for putting them on the web.

Jill C (UK)

Have just found your website as I was on the hunt for funny poetry. I love your poems. Great stuff and I can even understand it. A book of your poems will be on my Christmas list.

Maggie H (UK)

You are a marvelous writter. I love your site. Good job, mate!

Simona P

love your poems!

Lynn B (UK)

Mr. Taylor — just today I stumbled upon your poetry webpage. What good fortune! I really love your poems, especially “because,” “The Sacrifice of Isaac,” “Profiling a Murder,” and “Poem of Atonement.” I plan to use a number of your poems as models for writing poetry with my 9th grade English students. Please keep writing. Your work is much appreciated.

Jim H (US)


Thought your performance was great last night, so did the audience (many people told me they thought you were brilliant).

Phil (UK)

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your performance last weekend. I was the one laughing loudly at the back, who spoke to you at the bar. I’ve just been reading some poems on your website and laughing very loudly in the middle of my (open-plan) office. I look forward to reading more of your work. Would you mind informing me of any performances you have planned?

Samantha G (UK)

Dear Adam

I was just browsing the internet (working out a lesson plan) and I stumbled across your poetry. It is fantastic! I have downloaded the poems and with your permission I would like to include some of them in a lesson for a year seven class on poetry. I thought I had better ask because you are alive (and Keats is not. He is the alternative).

Rob C (UK)

Hi, I am doing one of your poems called Hello? The other part of my assignment is to tell about the composer. The problem is that I cannot find very much info on you. So if you could please send me some info about your life that would help me out a lot. Thanks

Jeff P


I am a high school English teacher in Pennsylvania. My students just completed a poetry project in which they had to compile poems into an anthology based on a single theme that they chose. One of my students chose your poem, “Knightmare” for his anthology. However, these poems should be from American authors because my class focuses on American literature this year. Are you by any chance American?

Kristy G (US)

Comical – I definitely approve. I am sure now you can sleep a tad easier knowing that an 18 year old in Manchester New Hampshire likes your poems. Hahah. Keep up the good work.

Bill S (US)

You’re Poetry is great, it’s funny. My Favurate poem of youre’s is Will you shoot me now
I am using it for a school project. Thankyou.

keep up the good work

Ross B (Australia)

Dear Mr Taylor, I had a wonderful time reading your poems on the internet.
And do so awfully hope that you are indeed the author of Sick Home Syndrome and not some other Mr Adam Taylor!

Louisa D (Finland)

Hello Mr. Taylor I live in Olympia Washington. I have run into a problem, we are supposed to do a report on a poet and i have chosen you. The problem is that on your web site it tells nothing about your history, I need to know stuff like when and where you were born, when was your first poem published, and if you have a family.


A very pleasant hour reading through your poems today. It turned a dull day into something quite different for me. So thank you Adam.

Ann H (Scotland)

Hi Adam. Fantastic! Love the poetry.

Vicki C (UK)

Hi Adam
just found your site,
love vim, keep going.

Stan (Netherlands)


Thank you very much for sharing your work. I’ve read everything on your site, and love them all. Laughing out loud to the “Poem of Atonement”, I think I’ve found a favourite!!

Keep it up

Sam H (UK)


Blanca V (US)

Very nice poems Adam, You have a great talent. In Love & Joy

Mike L

Excellent little poem which says a lot in such a short space. But tell me, if your cleaning lady is so good at repeating all you do, how come she doesn’t work as a solicitor and only cleans the office? Surely it ought to be her going on these courses.


How appropriate…….a poem about VIM – and it involves the cleaning lady! BTW, do they still make VIM (the cleaning sort not the inspirational kind). Like it.


I’m a 9th grade Student at Kennebunk High in Kennebunk, ME. I have a poetry assignment in which I need to write a 2 page biography on a poet, and analyze 8 poems. I wanted someone different than Langston Hughes, Edgar Allen Poe, blah blah blah…. and I stumbled onto your website. I enjoy your poems because they are fun to read yet have a structure. So if you don’t mind… I’m doing my project on you. I couldn’t find it on your webpage, so it would be very helpful if you could send me information about:
-life experiences
-death (that one probly wont be needed)
-How your life has influenced your poetry
-Who are your influences?
-Any other information you would like written about you

Keith (US)

dear alan…. im so glad i found you,you are so working in argentina at the moment,and i really miss english wit;especially yours!!!!!i admire your ability and destreza;cheers………….i will send you one of my meager efforts soon………….merry xmas………….can i say that so soon??’………….

Lynda N (Argentina)

I laughed out loud at some of them. Item 3 was one, and I liked the moth and the man of the cloth and especially Say Yes to the Yenton with the drab, commonplace let down at the end of each verse. I love the chef de cuisine who has visited France three times, and Mr and Mrs P Harris who had a really nice time. If you have a performance in London I’ll try to get to it.

Francis B (UK)

I have loved reading your poetry – I missed Charing Cross station last night because of my interest in your poems. The poems made me very happy, tho I encountered strange looks as I realised I was mouthing all the words very animatedly! I also found a wonderful poignancy in your writing – especially the two about men leaving home.

Leah (UK)

Just read your poem “The Art of Leadership” and shared it with a friend … too funny. Thanks much. I look forward to more of your gems.

Sherry G (UK)

Hello Mr. Taylor, for English class we have to find a famous poet and summarize their biographical information, then we have to choose a poem and describe what we think it is about. I chose you because I wanted a humorous poet and I thought your poems we’re cool. They were just about random stuff. Well….anyway….the point is, I need biographical information on you for my project, or else I’ll have to pick another poet and I want to do my project on you. Thank you.

Allison L

I was much impressed with your website. The poems are wonderful and so much fun! As you can probably tell I am not what you would describe as a ‘poetry person’. Although this could very well change now I have viewed your site.

Sara J (UK)

I enjoy reading your stuff. You make me chuckle.

Stephen C (UK)

Hallo Adam

I have only just found your site and no time to read them all – something I shall save and savour for the future. But I did see the exhibition and I had only ever seen one Spencer picture before. I found them very moving and will be forever indebted to the friend who asked me to go with her. Your poem captured the feeling exactly….why, a little tear came to my eye to think that someone had written about it!

Wendy B (UK)

i really like adam taylors poems and I have read them all many times … where can i see more of a similar style? any ideas? let me know please.


I copied a work of yours, “My Enemy” and submitted it in a Poetry Workshop Class as my own. I subsequently took credit for it. This is a tragic matter and I greatly regret doing it. I sincerely and humbly apologize to you for doing this. I have gained no profit in the matter, and have been summarily expelled from the workshop as a result.